As Grand Hotel Derin, we are committed to responsible supply chain management that prioritizes environmental sustainability and ethical business practices. Our approach includes careful evaluation and periodic auditing of our suppliers and solution partners, to ensure they hold internationally recognized environmental and sustainability certifications and abide by relevant legislation.

We prioritize environmentally sustainable products and suppliers across all categories, including food, beverages, construction materials, and consumables, and take into account the impact of our suppliers on natural resources and ecosystems.

We are also dedicated to animal welfare and only work with suppliers who comply with local, regional, and international laws regarding the use of wildlife species. We strongly oppose hunting bans for invasive and endangered species and do not procure prohibited products.

Certified environmentally sustainable products and suppliers are our preference, especially for wood, paper, fish, and other foods and products from the wild. When certified products and suppliers are not available, we carefully consider the origins and methods of growth or production.

We manage the purchase and use of consumable and disposable goods, including food, to minimize waste and prioritize reusable, returnable, and recycled products. We encourage our suppliers to minimize waste and packaging and offer bulk packaging alternatives when appropriate.

We seek to minimize our environmental impact by purchasing products that cause minimal harm and consume less energy, and we prioritize local and regional businesses to lower emissions during logistics and warehousing processes.

We actively promote local entrepreneurs who develop sustainable products and services based on regional nature, history, and culture, following the principles of fair trade and avoiding bribery, corruption, and conflicts of interest.

We carefully quantify the rates of purchased goods and services to ensure compliance with legal regulations and commercial ethics, and we always protect the intellectual property rights of our business partners.