As Grand Hotel Derin, we believe that sustainability is the foundation of our business processes, encompassing environmental, social, and economic aspects as a whole.

At Grand Hotel Derin, we have a business policy that respects natural life and human rights, and supports our staff and suppliers. While providing our services, we strive to establish positive relationships with the local community, establishments, and natural habitats. We aim to ensure that our social and economic impact is positive for both the environment and locals, and reduce or eliminate any negative effects. Our corporate responsibilities include:

Being environmentally friendly

Our primary goal is to make positive contributions towards protecting the environment and preserving cultural heritage in our region and beyond. We endeavor to keep our environmental impacts under control and reduce them whenever possible.

Supporting the locals

We prioritize employing local staff, which not only helps us contribute to reinvigorating the local economy but also helps locals find job opportunities close to home and make a living in their own town.

Promoting sustainable tourism

Our sustainability activities are built on meeting the needs of our guests and locals with consideration for future generations. We aim to protect natural resources and wildlife, save energy and water, and improve living standards.

Creating opportunities

We offer internships to tourism students to gain work experience and support our working staff with training and career management programs. We aim to promote our personnel to higher positions by providing as much training as possible and progressing together.